PDMP Training
We conduct Planning and Decision-Making Process (PDMP) training at your place of business. These one-day events consist of a seminar and a practical exercise.
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What People Are Saying About the PDMP Course

Jack, the planning and decision-making process training you presented to us last week really works. We had been meeting once a week for four months on an important public health issue but were not able to move from talking about it to action. Your process helped us frame the problem, make a decision, and begin implementation.”

A Captain, United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, at the CDC

Pattison Enterprises LLC

Simply stated, Pattison Enterprises LLC is a company who helps businesses and government departments make better decisions in an era of perpetual uncertainty.

This era of perpetual, protracted, persistent uncertainty is a part of the strategic environment in which businesses and government departments operate.

The macro-economy, rapidly changing technologies, the ever-expanding regulatory environment, and workforce expectations all affect how organizations (both private and public sector) operate.

The results achieved by better decision-making often lead to: business growth, increased revenues, increased profits, improved cost-savings, and wiser use of your resources. In short, achieving your business or operational objectives.